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Moratorium on Tenant Evictions until May 31, 2020

The Governor and the Union City council have ordered a ban on evictions until May 31, 2020.

Temporary eviction bans do not mean rent payments have been waived, and once the public health crisis is over, renters will be expected to pay back rent.

If you are a tenant and you can afford to pay rent, then it is best you pay it.  City and county officials are urging those who are still healthy and employed to continue their monthly rent payments.

Tenants who are affected by COVID-19 are required to notify their landlords if they are unable to pay all or a portion of the rent and provide evidence of the reason.

Landlords and tenants can work out a repayment plan for the back-due rent.

Tenants have 90 days after the moratorium is lifted to repay any back-due rent. If the moratorium deadline is extended, repayment deadline will also be extended.

A number of cities and counties across the Bay Area, as well as states nationwide, have passed their own restrictions on evictions. Some go further than others in terms of tenant protections. Because local governments have the authority to introduce their own moratorium on evictions, the rules vary depending on where you live. Please visit the website for the city or county that you live in for more information.

Find information about additional financial relief available during the COVID-19 pandemic at our COVID-19 Resource Page.